About Me

378148_2771826785048_515265823_n“Hello, and a huge thank-you for taking the time to find out a little more of who I am!”

I’m the wrong side of 35 and am trying to make a living as a wildlife photographer. I live in a blue ford transit that is converted into a campervan and have spent the last two years travelling around Britain building up my portfolio whilst trying to work out how to make a permanent living from doing something that I absolutely love.

I was relatively late finding my career choice and like the majority of people I have spent a large part of my working life doing jobs that I disliked. However in 2009 at the age of 35 I found myself in the amazingly fortunate position that I could go to college and learn a new career.

I had always been obsessed with wildlife and grew up with David Attenboroughs Life on Earth series being a major influence on my ideology. When adulthood loomed I fell into a “career” that sounded great on paper but just resulted in me becoming a number in a corporate machine for around 15 years. Eventually my other half (who can be found at http://vagabondbaker.com) and I decided to cash in our humble flat and blow the profit on a 15 month trip around the world, and so we did  - just before the housing market collapsed.

Which, brought me to the position of returning to college. I had taken a DSLR on the trip with us, but ashamedly I didn’t really get the science and technique behind photography, at the time I preferred Terry Pratchett’s version that imps are located inside cameras (iconographs) and paint whatever it is you are taking a picture of. So I needed to choose a college course, and I wanted to learn all about photography, the choice seemed logical.

Fast forward to now, I did two years at college studying to HNC level and have spent a further 18 months living in our camper van in between various housesits whilst expanding my portfolio. The van is our home and we do not have a fixed place of our own.

I aim to roam, photograph and film for the unforeseeable future. So please like and share and I will update as often as I can.